Amalfi Coast


Located at the center of the Amalfi coast, Amalfi is and always has been the historical nucleus and dominate city of the coast. It is located a few kilometers from Praiano and is easily accessible by public transportation or by taxi or NCC.

The first of the maritime republics, Amalfi created economic relationships with all the Mediterranean cities by creating warehouses and commercial bases. For centuries it played an important role in establishing the codes and laws of maritime commerce (the celebrated Pandetta Amalfitane) and introduced the use of sophisticated navigational devices (the compass).

Amalfi today is a tourist characterized town rich in beautiful monuments and typical local shops. You must visit the cathedral dedicated to the apostle saint Andrew which holds the precious relics that once belonged to the saint, the antique republic arsenal where they built Galee or long skinny boats that sailed the Mediterranean Sea, and the Cloister of Paradise.


A refined cultural tourist destination, Ravello is one of the more beautiful and charming cities of the Amalfi coast.

Ravello is a beautifully maintained city with panoramas that will take your breath away like the one that you can enjoy from the famous overlook of the Villa Cimbrone.

The festival committee of Ravello every year offers a long calendar full of artistic events and initiatives: concerts at Villa Rufolo, galleries, meetings with world wide cultural authors and characters.

As well as Villa Rufolo and Cimbrone, you must visit the cathedral dedicated to saint Pantaleone where his blood is conserved.

You also can admire the beautiful bronze doors and the holy pulpit made in the ‘200 by master Nicola Bartolomeo of Foggia.


A few minutes from Praiano (easily accessible by public transportation as well as scooter), Positano is famous in all the world and hosts every year the best of the international jet set.

Splendid architecture can be seen in the multicolored houses that are nested on the mountain side and extend all the way down to the beach, Positano is one of the more important stops on your visit of the Amalfi coast. Its main characteristic is without a doubt the shopping with the presence of precious boutiques and shops that sell Products of high quality Italian tailoring, handmade items, and prestigious restaurants.

Also Positano is an extremely romantic city that will enchant you especially during sunset.

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